Monday, March 31, 2008

San Diego for a week...We must be crazy

I am so glad to be home. Even though I was in one of my favorite places traveling with a 10 month old is no fun. It killed me to have McKenna off of her schedule but fun was to be had at Sea World, among other places. Chris and I had so much fun with McKenna this time because she was so much more animated, looking at all the animals. She even called Shamu DADA which I thought was funny. She screamed at the sealions(her fav) and loved the new Sesame Street show that they have there. We sampled many dining favorites, especially The Golden Corral, eating there twice. (We wanted to make sure McKenna had the best food available. )McKenna and I also had fun with my family, going to my cousins wedding. It was fun to see everyone especially Avery, McKenna's cousin who is only a week apart. They had fun baby screaming wars. McKenna is the light of my life and I love her so much. She is trying to stand be herself everyday and she loves pushing anything(including barstools) while standing. She is understanding more and she has said mama a few times. Of course she was crying and screaming while she said it but who cares.