Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes she rode by herself and she loved every moment
On the spooky train ride at Schenpf Farm

My face is so puffy here-don't get me started on everywhere else:)
Riding the Bees with Grandma
Riding the airplane with Aunt Jessica
Don't tell them I stole a pumpkin:)
After the lady showed her the pumpkin in the mirror she asked her to paint her other cheek too-

We have been going through so much here in anticipation for our new arrival and McKenna has had to conquer some pretty major stuff. We officially put her in her new bed a couple of weeks ago and she has really taken to it. Her crib is now in Adeline's room along with a lot of other things that used to be hers. It is crazy that in weeks we will be adding another daughter to our family. I am so excited. We have been enjoying the great weather by doing lots of things outside even though I am officially waddling around-oh well. We took McKenna to the zoo last week and it was a lot of fun because she was good the entire time:) We also went with my mom, sister, and brother to Schnepf Farms a few days ago and it was so much fun. I would recommend going early if you are going to go because it was so nice not having to wait in line for the rides. McKenna has already asked to go back and I have told her that we won't be going again for a long time. McKenna is super excited for Halloween this year and even more excited that Nana(Chris' wonderful mother Janet) is going to make her costume. Why would she need a costume made you ask? Well she loves the movie Monster Inc. and especially loves the character Boo. Of course whenever you would ask her what she wanted to be she would say Boo. The Boo costumes on Ebay are like 100.00 dollars so Janet is doing me a huge favor and we're going to attempt to make one. In fact, we are going over there in a little while for a fitting and to buy fabric because as many of you may know I am not crafty and cannot sew worth anything. (My mom will tell you otherwise but I know my own abilities) McKenna has also started riding her tricycle all over the place and it is crazy because it was like all of the sudden she started peddling. Now she rides to the park and back almost every day-I still can't believe she is almost 2 and 1/2 time flies:) Oh and just a little side note. She will no longer let us say the prayer-she has to say it and she does a pretty good job too-Miss Independent.