Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adeline Marie

My two girls
With Aunt Angie and Rylan
Adeline with McKenna and Rylan
Our Family
Aunt Jessica with Adeline
Getting ready to come home from the hospital
With Aunt Erica and Uncle Todd
With Uncle Keven
Nana with Adeline
With Papa and Grandma
With Great Grandma Wyand

Right after she was born
Ready for baby
Well she is now 11 days old and I finally have a moment to write about her and how she got her. My experience with labor and delivery this time was night and day compared to McKenna-it was almost easy. I started having contractions on Tuesday the 17th and by noon they were coming every 10 minutes. It was crazy because I had ran errands all that morning and even saw Chris at the pharmacy and sort of gave him a heads up that it might be the real thing. My back was also killing me-another reason why I thought that it might actually be happening. I put McKenna down for her nap and decided to call my mom and let her know that it was time to go to the hospital to be checked out. She came over from work and my neighbor Cheri stayed at my house with McKenna. Well I got to the hospital and my contractions were coming about every 6-7 minutes and I was at 5 cm-so I got to stay. Chris got there about an hour later and my contractions sort of stalled out at every 6 minutes. So I got my epidural and they started me on the lowest dose of pitocin and I before I knew it I was at a 7 and my contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes. My water had broke and I didn't even know it and my doctor thought it could be anywhere from 1/2 hour to a couple more hours. It was 9:40 p.m. at this point and my nurse-who was awesome said she thought it would only be a few more minutes. Well my nurse won out. I called them back in after 10 minutes and my nurse declared that it was time to push. By the time the doctor got all set I was ready and with just two contractions and 6 pushes Adeline made her debut. I was so excited because I actually got to hold her right away(with McKenna I didn't see her for like 10 minutes). I was also very excited because I felt great and alert and couldn't believe that everything had happend so quickly. She was born at 10:02 pm on Tuesday Nov. 17th and she weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 inches long. She looks similar to McKenna but her hair is a bit darker and she has a different nose-possibly mine. She is such a sweetheart and McKenna just loves to talk to her and is constantly saying how cute she is. I also think that it is adorable that McKenna calls her "Adelion"-she must get that from me because I used to call my sister Erica "America." I just love my two girls so much and I'm so glad that Adeline joined our family:)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween-Full Week of Activities:)

Chris and I as people for a Halloween Party
We are so proud of this pic-it is going in Adeline's baby book
After Trick or Treating-Love Halloween
Posing with Nana and Papa Braegger
My husband, brother, dad, and Tommy posing before their big debut!(playing at my parent's fall festival:) Yes, I still love my husband in case you are wondering.
McKenna and Rylan getting ready to go trunk or treating at our ward party
McKenna with Aunt Becca at Aunt Erica's school
Posing with Aunt Erica for her school's Halloween Parade
With Great Grandma at the Parade
With Grandma and Grandpa-they are very popular around here. McKenna wants to go to their house every day, several times a day:)
McKenna at the party at the Clubhouse-she was very happy with her Kitty Face
Cutest Boo ever!

Well Halloween was a complete success with McKenna this year-she got to go to way too many parties and her Boo Costume was the cutest thing ever. Every day since Halloween she has been asking to go trick or treating and I have to explain to her that she has to wait till next year. I think having way too much candy has made up for the disappointment. I sort of want to throw some of it away or something because I'm picking at it to-which I should not be doing. Oh well. The pictures sort of explain themselves. Still waiting on Adeline to decide she wants to come and say hello to everyone. Two more weeks:)