Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seven Years:)

On the way up to the top of the mountain
Proof about the whole toilet thing-we are big dorks and we know it:)
We were literally in the clouds

A few weekends ago Chris and I were able to go up to Flagstaff and celebrate our seven year anniversary. It is crazy that it has been that long because it seems like yesterday we were newly married and living in our little shanty apartment. He is still my perfect match and I am so lucky to be linked with him forever. When we arrived Chris was feeling nostalgic so we visited NAU and walked around and I got to see where some of his old classes were. That night we also went up to the Lowell Observatory which was interesting if you like space(the film they showed made me want to take a nap). But, we did get to see Jupiter through the telescope which was impressive. The next day we went up to Snowbowl and did the Skyride and at the top of the mountain I used Arizona's highest toilet-impressive I know. We actually got rained on the way down and right before we got off it started to hail. It was crazy because at home it was like 102 degrees and in Flagstaff it was like 60 with hail-it felt really nice. Later that day we both got massages which was so nice especially with being pregnant. To top it all off we saw Julie and Julia that night which means that Chris really does love me:) Of course I saw one of his movies the next day. It was a glorious little vacation and I'm so thankful for my parents for watching McKenna for us. She of course had so much fun with everyone but was excited to see us when we got home. Probably the last time we will have a vacation to ourselves for a while, so I cherished every moment of it:)