Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun on the Farm

For some reason I love pumpkin patches and everything that comes with it. I think it is because growing up we would always go to a pumpkin patch in California near my great grandparents house and I have so many fond memories of it. Once we moved to Arizona we went to one up north in Dewey for a few years and more recently I was introduced to Schnepf Farms. We ventured there with my sister in law Angie, my mother in law Janet and cousin Rylan and had so much fun. (For about three hours and then the girls were done:) We went on the hayride, rode the merry-go-round, fed some sheep, and went on the little train that they had there. McKenna loved the rides and Chris and I both took turns taking her on each one. She also loved the animals in the petting zoo, especially the goats. I don't think I have ever heard her laugh so hard. She also gave the sheep some food and then proceeded to hug them afterward. It is great to see her having these experiences even if she will not remember them. I guess that's why we write about this sort of stuff-

Monday, October 20, 2008


Chris and I just got back yesterday from our wonderful vacation. McKenna did great with my parents and we had a marvelous time on our cruise. We did the four day from Long Beach that has ports in Catalina and Ensenada. Catalina was beautiful as always and we took a semi-submersible sub around the cove. We saw some pretty fish and best of all we didn't have to get wet. Ensenada is pretty much how I remember it-ugly and dirty. We took a bus to see the not so great blowhole and did some shopping in the local flea market. Then we had our guide drop us off on the beach and we rode horses for about an hour. Horseback riding is hard work- Chris and I loved our little vacation but by Thursday I was really missing McKenna, so the cruise was the perfect length. On Friday we got to take my dad out to breakfast in California before heading up to Vegas for my cousin Mallory's wedding. When we saw McKenna she reached up to me and I picked her up and she held my face in her hands and just stared at me-it was cute:) She wasn't really mad at us but she was a little unsure of the situation. After an hour though she was her old self. Friday night Chris and I went to see the new Criss Angel Cirque Show at the Luxor-don't waste your money. The show had a few highlights, but mostly it was just so-so with Criss Angel talking way too much. Saturday was the big day for Mallory and Josh and their wedding was gorgeous. I'm sad though because I don't know when I will see her next because they will be living in England-he is from there. McKenna was exhausted by the time the reception started and since Chris was the DJ I had little miss all to myself. By the end I just gave up and let her have her pacifier-bad I know. We had a wonderful time but home sure is nice too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

So Much Fun

McKenna and I have been having so much fun in parent-tot class we have been taking. She loves the climbing, balancing, music, playing etc... The only thing she is not too fond of is the parachute. Each week when the teacher gets it out she looks at me and shakes her head no and runs away. This last week though she helped me hold it while the other kids ran underneath it and she laughed-it was progress anyway. She recently formed the habit of carrying one of my purses around the house and she likes to take it with her in the car, it is the cutest watching her grow into a little girl. She now loves to wear shoes all the time even in the house and will attempt to put them on by herself. Like mommy all the way there:) She is just at such a fun age right now-talking jibberjab, being affectionate, running everywhere. Hopefully she will do okay when Chris and I leave on Monday for the cruise-I'm sure with Aunt Jessie there she will be okay. I'm already thinking how sad it will be to leave her, and to think that I wanted to take a week long cruise. It will be a much needed vacation for Chris and I though so hopefully everything goes smoothly.