Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 2010

McKenna's favorite part about SeaWorld-Elmo and Friends
Adeline with Grandpa Wright
Tradition-We have three years worth now
Waiting so patiently for Shamu
Took these at my Aunt's cabin-wish I had the better camera

Adeline loves this-I think Daddy does too:)
McKenna came out of her bedroom with ensemble put together
Riding a pony at This is Place park in Utah-highlight!!!!
Riding the carousel at Hogle Zoo
Such a sweetheart in her stroller-anytime really.
Thought this was funny since she has a puff stuck on her chin.
First day of preschool-she chose the outfit-oh well.
Being sneaky under the table:)
I can't believe it has been since McKenna's birthday party that I have written in here-so sad, but I am just busier than I used to be. We have almost survived summer here and I cannot wait for Halloween because it is usually at that time that it feels like fall here. We had a great summer with trips to San Diego, St. George, and Ogden but I'm glad that we have been home for a while. McKenna is now in preschool three days a week and loves it and loves her teacher. I miss her while she is gone but I actually have time to get things done while Adeline is taking her nap:) McKenna is one sassy 3 year old and she does not forget anything I or Chris say. It keeps us on our toes that is for sure. The other day I was telling her that I was getting frustrated at her lack of listening skills and she said and I quote, "Mom I don't like your bad attitude." Chris was in the room and started laughing, which made me laugh-what can you do? She told on him the other day saying he wasn't being a good example to her sister- a lot to live up to:) She is very independent and loves to help care for Adeline. She is a great big sister except for the fact that if Adeline has something, McKenna will grab it and then offer Adeline something else. This was all fine and dandy up until a couple of weeks ago when Adeline started screaming when McKenna took something from her. Needless to say McKenna is starting to realize that Adeline is becoming more than just a little baby. I can't believe how fast time has gone but Adeline is almost 10 months old and I feel like she was just born. She is crawling all over and loves pulling herself up to stand. She is going to be walking before I know and I just want her to stay little. Such a change from McKenna who I just wanted to grow up. I think that Adeline will be like McKenna in that she will talk to anyone. She loves waving hi and byebye and will clap her hands when anything exciting is happening or if she is listening to a really great song. She has even started dancing a little to music she likes. I have been busy being the new Primary Secretary in our ward, but it is very rewarding. I like knowing that I have responsibilities away from home and that I have to be organized-trying anyway. It has also given me the opportunity to get to know the children in our ward better and they are just awesome. Chris has been busier for the last two months, he took over the Queen Creek store as the manager. It has been a great blessing to our family, but it hard having him work a little more. Life is good though and I am so thankful for my wonderful family of four:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday McKenna Part 1-and other stuff too:)






I cannot believe that my McKenna is going to officially be three this Sunday-where has the time gone? We had a wonderful family party for her this last Saturday. She was throughly spoiled by everyone and loved every minute of it. Chris made about 15 pizzas-thats right I said made. He has some mad pizza making skills and we enjoyed every variety-my favorites were the bbq chicken and just plain old cheese. We then enjoyed just watching McKenna gasp as she opened every present and then she would look at me and say "Can I open another one?" Her favorite presents by far were her doctor kit and a squishy caterpillar-who would have known? We then enjoyed the best Tinkerbell cake ever(I made it) and some vanilla ice cream. She is going to have a little friend party this Saturday so I will post some pics from that as well.
McKenna is....
A flirt-she is already into kissing and chasing boys
A great big sister-she loves her Adeline (Adelion as McKenna calls her) and frequently climbs into bed with her to make her smile.
A great debater-She can argue just about anything and can manipulate you into changing your mind just by smiling at you.
An elephant-McKenna does not forget anything ever-I think she gets that from me:)
A crack up-She makes me laugh every day either from her stories or her made up songs. She loves to dance and play dress up and take care of all of her animals. Peachy Bear still rules supreme:)
A wonderful daughter-Chris and I are so lucky to be her parents. She is in my opinion the coolest almost 3 year old ever.

Other news...
I turned the big 30 a little over a month ago and my wonderful husband completely surprised me with a party at one of my favorite restaurants Joe's BBQ. It was great to be with family and close friends. He spoiled me rotten that day and I loved it.

Adeline is now 6 months old today!!!! She continues to be one of the happiest babies ever and I love her to pieces. She now has two teeth which is crazy because McKenna didn't have any until about 10 months. She just started on baby food and so far I think her favorite is sweet potatoes. She can roll over from her back to tummy and then she will just chill on her tummy f0rever. She is a content baby whereas McKenna was in a rush to do everything. Adeline is almost sitting up by herself and has really started to grab for everything. She is laughing and cooing and saying her ba's and ma's-she needs to say MAMA first!!!! She is just a joy even with being a little cranky with her teeth. Still no luck with the bottle-I'm kind of just giving up at this point and accepted that I will probably be nursing her for a lot longer.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grand Adventures

My smiley girl
Helping Mommy with Dinner
We blessed Adeline at home on Super Bowl Sunday-It was great
First real smiles at Daddy 2months old
McKenna with Santa
First bath together as sisters

I can believe it has been a while because having more than one child is hard work-kudos to all of you who have done it or are doing it and making it look easy:) I feel like I am finally getting the hang of things though and coming out of the fog of sleep deprivation that I was in for the first two months of Adeline's life. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went and now Adeline is almost 4 months and McKenna turns 3 in 2 and 1/2 months. Crazy. Adeline is now sleeping through the night and has been for about a month. It started with eight hours and now she routinely does about 10 1/2 to 11 hours. We are working on her nap schedule and yes when I let her cry for about five minutes before a nap McKenna becomes so concerned about her sister. Adeline has been in her own room for a about a week and she seems to be doing fine. We put together the good old jumperoo last Sunday and she took to it like a fish to water. She is jumping like a pro and loves us to just watch her. She is talking and cooing up a storm and she is just such a smiley sweet baby. Everyone tells me how good of a baby she is and I must agree that Adeline might be the worlds most easy going baby. She really only cries when she is hungry or tired and I hope that her easy going nature continues. McKenna is a wonderful big sister and loves Adeline so much. She is such a sweetheart and I cannot believe that she is almost three. She has adjusted well to not having mommy and daddy all to herself and is Miss Independent when it comes to doing most things. Almost daily she plans an outing whether to the mall or to Daddy's Target or Chick-Filet. Maybe must mean yes to her because when I say maybe to something she'll say that sounds great lets go at 3:00 okay:) We are still working towards becoming potty trained-she just loves her diaper apparently and I'm working towards taking it away-hopefully by this summer. She is still very adventurous and she is riding her bike like a pro and loves all of the older girls in the neighborhood. I feel like I need to be better about writing down all of the conversations she and I have-she is a cutie.