Thursday, August 27, 2009


Very cool ensemble                                                           
                                                   Great Grandpa Braegger's Crazy Birds

Playdate with Avery at the Lagoon
Rylan and McKenna having fun with dress up
Putting all of her animals night night with blankets:)
Happy Birthday Grandma!
I haven't been very good at updating my blog lately. I don't really know why just caught up in life I guess. I have had so much fun this summer with McKenna but I will admit that I am looking forward to being able to venture outside again:) I signed McKenna up for a messy art class this summer which she loved and a dance class which she had a love hate relationship with. Both were offered through the town and were pretty decent for the price. We also have had the opportunity to swim a lot. McKenna finally decided that she would wear her floaties and she has developed a new sense of confidence in the pool. Of course, now she thinks that she can swim, but we will continue to work with her. McKenna's beloved pacifier was taken away about a month and a half ago and she did really well. Only whined a little bit and now when she sees that a baby has one she will insist that the baby needs it. (Next step-toddler bed in about a month and then potty training-any tips would be greatly appreciated:) We are singing a lot these days, especially, Old McDonald and Wheels on the Bus. It is amazing how fast kids develop and grow everyday. I am still enjoying my time working with the YW-I will be very sad when I am released because it is seriously been such a joy to work with the amazing girls in my ward. My pregnancy has continued to go well-starting to realize we don't have too much time left and it is both exciting and nerve racking. We have an ultrasound next week which is always fun and reassuring at the same time. Chris and I will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary on Sept. 6th and it feels sort of surreal. It dosen't really feel like it has been that long and I still feel so lucky and blessed to be with him. (Good thing:) He is wonderful and he is even ready to be surrounded yet again by another girl-