Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Minnie Party and Party Hats

Happy Girl!

Blow Blow

Kicking in the Water

I got it

Babba Babba Umbrella

Puzzles from Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Derrek

New Big Girl Bed from Nana and Papa Braegger-we won't use this until we need to:)

I need googles

Minnie and Mickey

Well McKenna turned two this past Saturday and she was so excited for the day to actually get here. Everyday this last week she would wake up and ask Party? She chose Minnie decor for her party so everything turned into a Minnie Party. She busted out the party hats a few days before hand and wore them for longer than what she did on her actual birthday. Chris and I made the cakes- a Minnie and Mickey cake and I think they turned out super cute. Not bad for two novice cake makers. McKenna was super spoiled by all of our family and she was so serious when she was opening her presents. All she kept telling me was I do it until she got to her Elmo live and then she only wanted to see that. Another popular gift was a Yo Gabba Gabba umbrella from Grandma and Papa Wright-she is obsessed with it. From that point on she could have cared less about the other presents and then she proceeded to tell me mommy do it. -Gotta love it- She enjoyed blowing out the candles and then told me over and over yummy cake and icecream-she ofcourse asked for more. I wonder where she gets her sweet tooth? I can't believe she is two it has gone by so fast. She has become so independent and it is fun to actually have a conversation with her. It is hard to think about life without her. She told me the other day after I got her some cheese Thank you Mommy Love you and I almost started to cry-she is the best and I am so lucky to be her mommy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Guess What... I'm Pregnant:)

It has been really hard not to share the news for so long but I am finally far enough along where I feel okay to share the news. We are going to be adding to our family on Nov. 21 and we could not be more excited. McKenna insists that the baby is a sister and Chris and I kind of feel the same way. Not that I would be disappointed if we had a boy, I just feel like we are having another girl. So far things are going well and we should find out in about a month what we are having. Pics are not very clear but you get the idea.