Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Butterfly Effect

Sparkle's new home in our lemon tree
Chris holding Sparkles
Waiting for him to come out
McKenna and her Sparkles

About 3 weeks ago McKenna was given a caterpillar to take home in it's own little bug house. She had learned at school that it would turn into a butterfly and she had so much fun watching the metamorphosis. We watched the caterpillar eat all of it's food. She would say every day, "He's getting fatter and fatter!" She chided her sister whenever she tried to touch the bug house, "Don't Adeline you'll kill my caterpillar." Eventually he made his cocoon or chrysalis-whichever bug terminology you prefer. It was an exciting day and we waited patiently for the butterfly's arrival. Of course we were in San Diego when the butterfly made his first appearance, but Daddy made sure to take good care of it until we returned. McKenna was entranced and she named him "Sparkles"-her name of choice for just about everything. On Sunday McKenna wanted to release him and we agreed-mostly because I didn't want it to die in it's bug house. She loved watching him but when we opened the cage she was leery. Only Mommy or Daddy could touch it. Sparkles couldn't fly so well-we'll blame it on Adeline. He kept flipping up side down and just couldn't get the hang of it. He even fell in our pool and Daddy had to rescue him twice. We decided to let him live in our lemon tree and we told him goodbye. I hope he is still alive-it was a nice experience Sparkles.

San Diego Madness

After McKenna's Ballet Recital-Adeline had to wear a tutu as well.
McKenna, her cousin Rylan, and their teacher Ms. Jenny
She loves dance!
First day of pigtails:)
McKenna celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday at Preschool
Skipping on the beach
Running away from Aunt Jessie
This was as good as we could get.
Love my sisters!
Block Tug of War
McKenna lives for this experience-although I think she is outgrowing Sesame Street
I can never seem to capture a good picture of the two of them.
Adeline wanted nothing to do with Shamu.
Adeline with Aunt Jessie
The Girls and I on our recent San Diego trip during Spring Break-Poor Chris had to work:(
We had fun going to Sea World, and going to the Pacific Beach boardwalk by my sister Rebecca's house. It was stressful I'm not going to lie but we had fun. Does it make me a horrible mother if I hate sleeping in the same room/bed as my children. I didn't have one restful night the entire time-I guess I'm spoiled.