Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elmo Madness

This past weekend at my parent's credit union they had Elmo and Clifford there and then treats for all of the kiddos. I knew McKenna would love to go because she loves Elmo. Whenever Sesame Street is being watched she will beg for Elmo-she loves that big furry red monster. So when we pulled into the parking lot I told her to look and see who it was. (I hadn't told her who we were going to see.) All the sudden "Elmo" is being screamed in the car. I had my little sister Jessie with me so she got McKenna out and was dragged by McKenna to Elmo. Now understand that McKenna pushed her way through tons of kids that were terrified to get too close and she immedietly gave Elmo the biggest bear hug. Then she ran over to Clifford and said "Hi Doggy." It went on like this for about five minutes and then we went inside to get some treats. Inside McKenna was trying to get back outside to beloved Elmo so we went back out for some more fun. Needless to say McKenna was in heaven and she reluctantly told Elmo and Doggy "Bye-Bye."

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have decided that I need to start blogging about the funny things that McKenna is doing right now because I will not remember them in the future I am sure. The other day I was calling for Chris because he was outside and I said his name like 3 times. He was not out front so I went in the backyard to look for him. McKenna was with me the whole time of course and before I could say his name out back McKenna started yelling out "Chris" "Chris." It was so funny and she did it again today. When she found him it was followed by a very excited "Hi Daddy." I seriously need to get if captured on film because it was so funny. Also today we were out the park and the kids from the neighborhood kept getting popsicles and ice cream cups from a neighbor girl. Well McKenna started saying "opsicle." A neighbor boy was nice enough to go and get her one and she thought it was the best thing ever. I wish I had my camera with me because it was one of those red,white and blue bullet pops and she was filthy. Her hand and shirt was covered in a sticky blue substance and she just kept pointing to the red part and saying red and then pointing to the blue part and saying blue. She was the filthiest she has ever been-apparently I don't let her get dirty enough, although, I am sure that will be changing since she has to have her shoes off at the park all of the time now. I don't know what we are going to do this summer when it is so hot because she begs to go outside:(