Sunday, July 5, 2009

Solana Beach 2009

Smiling with Elmo and Zoey

Last night we were there-beautiful
Posing with Papa and Grandma
One of my favorite pics-so cheesy

With Aunt Erica and Avery
Aunt Becca had just spoiled her with ice cream

I look really pregnant here:)
Same cheesy grins
Posing with Daddy
The tigers are sleeping. They go night night
This was at the wild animal park-it was cut off
My pretty butterfly

At the 3-d Sesame Show at Sea World-she loved it:)
Being goofy with Papa waiting for a 10 dollar hamburger
I see Bruce-every shark was Bruce from Finding Nemo:)

We recently just got back from our week long vacation near San Diego and it was heaven. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time seeing and spending time with our family. Chris and I kept busy though taking McKenna to Sea World, the zoo, and the wild animal park. It was great being able to be outside and active since I feel like we have been hibernating at home. McKenna loved Sea World. She loved all of the animals, especially Shamu or Hamu as she lovingly called him. She actually took a nap in her stroller while we were there and it was great because when she woke up it was time to go and see Elmo and she literally freaked out. She ran away from us and kept going back to him and finally when I told her it was time to leave she told me no, I seeing Elmo. I had to send Aunt Jessie in to carry her out. The wild animal park was kind of a disappointment. Too much walking and not enough to peak any interest. We did go on the tram through the safari and that was the highlight of the day. The San Diego Zoo was beautiful and the animals did not disappoint. We were able to see three tigers huddled together sleeping-one of the cutest things I have ever seen. A panda was out and about eating bamboo and it's funny because when you ask McKenna what a panda bear says she will say "hiya" (from Kung Fu Panda for those of you that don't know:). McKenna was really looking forward to seeing the hippo but it wasn't cooperating but the polar bear made up for it. He was right up at the glass playing with a ball and McKenna just chased him up and down the glass following him-it was pretty neato. The beach there was cold. Chris got in the last day there I just got in to my knees. McKenna I think was trying to make sense of it and she decided that it was okay on the last day to get in and then run away. Also, some big news as many of you know McKenna could care less about smiling for a picture. But, on this trip for some reason she started to care and we have some great pics of her showing her pearly whites:) We were sad to come home especially when we drove through Yuma and it was 110 but I think we are acclimated now. My ankles did swell a little on the ride home but I think it was lack of movement and the sudden surge in temp. So far this pregnancy has been great and it was weird because yesterday I passed the half way mark-only 20 weeks to go until we meet little girl #2:)