Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grand Adventures

My smiley girl
Helping Mommy with Dinner
We blessed Adeline at home on Super Bowl Sunday-It was great
First real smiles at Daddy 2months old
McKenna with Santa
First bath together as sisters

I can believe it has been a while because having more than one child is hard work-kudos to all of you who have done it or are doing it and making it look easy:) I feel like I am finally getting the hang of things though and coming out of the fog of sleep deprivation that I was in for the first two months of Adeline's life. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went and now Adeline is almost 4 months and McKenna turns 3 in 2 and 1/2 months. Crazy. Adeline is now sleeping through the night and has been for about a month. It started with eight hours and now she routinely does about 10 1/2 to 11 hours. We are working on her nap schedule and yes when I let her cry for about five minutes before a nap McKenna becomes so concerned about her sister. Adeline has been in her own room for a about a week and she seems to be doing fine. We put together the good old jumperoo last Sunday and she took to it like a fish to water. She is jumping like a pro and loves us to just watch her. She is talking and cooing up a storm and she is just such a smiley sweet baby. Everyone tells me how good of a baby she is and I must agree that Adeline might be the worlds most easy going baby. She really only cries when she is hungry or tired and I hope that her easy going nature continues. McKenna is a wonderful big sister and loves Adeline so much. She is such a sweetheart and I cannot believe that she is almost three. She has adjusted well to not having mommy and daddy all to herself and is Miss Independent when it comes to doing most things. Almost daily she plans an outing whether to the mall or to Daddy's Target or Chick-Filet. Maybe must mean yes to her because when I say maybe to something she'll say that sounds great lets go at 3:00 okay:) We are still working towards becoming potty trained-she just loves her diaper apparently and I'm working towards taking it away-hopefully by this summer. She is still very adventurous and she is riding her bike like a pro and loves all of the older girls in the neighborhood. I feel like I need to be better about writing down all of the conversations she and I have-she is a cutie.