Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris Turned 30!!

Chris turned 30 last Thursday and he had to work, so we planned on celebrating his birthday on Friday. We went to lunch at Joe's and then Jacob and Jessie babysat while Chris and I went to see a movie. What Chris did not know was that there would be a surprise waiting for him when we got home. I planned a semi-small surprise party for him and he had no idea. There were about 30 people there and that was just family, and a few close friends. Thanks to everyone for coming:) We had a great time with everyone and enjoyed many a chimi from Nando's(Chris and I are still eating the leftovers). I feel so lucky to be married to such a wonderful person and I loved throwing this party for him. Even though he is 30 I am the one with the gray hairs-go figure.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pig Tails

Jeni suggested that I try putting McKenna's hair into pigtails. I still had to use a clip on the front to keep her super long bangs out of her eyes. Not perfectly even but perfectly adorable.

Family Vacations

We just got back from San Diego yesterday and we had so much fun. I was hesitant to leave the perfect 75 degree weather and I should have just stayed there. We practically melted in Yuma where we stopped for lunch, but we somehow made it home in one piece. Now I have a mountain of laundry and a huge pile of dog hair in every corner (thanks Badger). I am happy to be home and I think McKenna was happy to be in her own bed last night too. We took McKenna to the beach while we were there and she loved it. We would ask her where the water was and she would practically run to small waves and let the sand cover her feet. She wasn't too fond of the dry sand but she got accustomed to it after a while. Get this she even fell asleep in Chris' arms. This is a big deal because if you know McKenna she is not big on cuddling or being held for very long. She slept for an hour and Chris and I loved every minute of it. It was so great to be there with all of my side of the family for our reunion. McKenna got to hang out with her second cousin Avery and they played pretty well, mainly taking McKenna's cup away from the other one. This cycle repeated many times. We all went to Sea World and the highlight of the day was McKenna getting to see Telly and Grover from Sesame Street. We got in line for pictures and Chris and I both thought that she would be scared to death. But it was the complete opposite. She loved them. She was giving them hugs and posing for some very cute pictures. She cried when she could no longer hug on them and we distracted her by taking her to the play area. It was so darling. Chris and I also got to go to Houston a couple of weeks ago to see my cousin get married. It was an unofficial family reunion on my dad's side of the family. We had so much fun and McKenna loved being the center of attention. During the rehearsal dinner in the cultural hall she just walked around waving, clapping, and dancing-she was in Heaven. She is getting so big... I just signed her up for the parent tot swim class and it starts on Monday. Hopefully it is not a complete waist of time. Breaking Dawn comes out in a month I am so excited:)