Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts, Easter, and a Wedding:)

I decided to group all of the Easter Egg Hunts that McKenna did together since she did three. The first was with our community and it was a disappointment. Why you ask? Well it was highly unorganized for one and they used leftover Halloween decor for all of the kids three and under. So McKenna was the grand recipient of a spider, a pirate eye patch, a few gold coins etc... you get the idea. She did freak out when she saw the Easter Bunny not in a scared way either. She was yelling "Bunny" at the top of her lungs when her turn was over and Chris had to go and stand with her on a grassy knoll far away to get her to stop crying. I felt bad for Rylan, Katie, and Kellen sorry again for the let down.

The next hunt was in my Grandma's ward and it was great except for the fact that it was raining that morning and cold. After breakfast they organized the kids for the hunt and my mom made the mistake of giving McKenna the umbrella to hold by herself. After that she could care less about the eggs it was all about the umbrella and getting it back. I didn't even know she could say umbrella but it was in her vocabulary:) We took a family pic and of course she is being a stinker and shouting for the umbrella. On the walk back inside she would cover herself in it and we would say Where's McKenna and she would pop out and say Here you are-still working on it:

On actual Easter I was so excited to go to church and McKenna woke up at 6 am which is very early for her. I went and got her out of bed and she was burning up, well she had a 102 fever. So Chris and I were going to split up church. Well later in the day I started to feel awful and it all went down hill from there. We went over to my mom's house for dinner and McKenna was not wanting any attention and once she found an egg with skittles in it-she was done. We tried to do a hunt at our house and make it exciting-she just didn't care. Luckily, her fever broke the next day and it seemed to be the only thing making her cranky.

Finally-Sorry this is a long one:) We went to a wedding reception this past weekend and McKenna had her dress picked out and was all ready by the time daddy got home from work. Chris loved the way I did her hair and I must say it did look cute-especially since if you know me you know I can't fix hair. So we took some pics before the reception and I think that they will be her substitute Easter pics:) At the reception there was dancing and McKenna was a boogie baby. She kept telling us dance and then she would run over to the floor and run around and dance with older kids. She is such a sweetheart:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

29 at the Happiest Place on Earth

Tigger-She was jumping for him and then chased him around. She just called him tiger though.
Her Minmie hat

Pooh-Need I say more

Hi Ooffy-This is what McKenna told Goofy

Happy 29th to me! We ate at the Blue Bayou that evening-holy expensive, but worth it once I think.

She started swining like a monkey on the bars while we waited in lines.

Minnie was her favorite and I asked McKenna what she was going to tell Minnie and she said "cheese."

Riding the merry-go-round(She rode this ride the most:)

First day there-

As some of you may know my husband spoiled me and took our family to Disneyland for my birthday. We had so much fun together and it was nice because we had the 3 day park hopper and got to take our time doing the rides and shows. This year Disneyland is giving you free admission on your birthday, but since we already had tickets they basically gave me a gift card worth the amount of the ticket. It paid for a Minnie hat for McKenna, Bolt, and some pics of the family. McKenna was in heaven with all of the characters. Characters that she had never seen or heard of before were given big bear hugs. By far her favorites were Minnie or as she calls her Minmie and Pooh. Those were the two that she freaked out about the most and also hugged and talked to the longest. She enjoyed all of the rides but her faves were the choo choo, merry-go-round, and the Finding Nemo Voyage. We stayed at a hotel within walking distance and made sure that she stayed on schedule with her naps which was nice because we basically took a nap everyday too. The walk back and forth got a little tiring but it was better than paying for parking everyday. It has always been like a thing for me to take my kids to Disneyland and I just loved seeing her react to everything. I have always loved Disneyland and it was so fulfilling being there with my own daughter and seeing how excited she got over the characters and the parades. It was a dream come true-cheesy, but true.